Broods at the Powerstation

Oh no. Didn’t think the Broods concert would sell out. I didn’t get any tickets…crap. I wanna goooooo…

If anyone still has some left, tell me ;)

My morning newspaper

Facebook for my friends updates
Twitter for my fav bands and women’s soccer updates
And Tumblr for the gossip

Now I understand the feeling of people wanting to change something about their lives after relationships end.

I feel like starting a juice/soup diet and going for a run in this freezing shitty weather.

Let’s see how that goes..

I didn’t even tell those Wilky fans out there that I met her in Auckland for their game vs. Brazil.

It was the rainiest football evening I have ever the photos turned out accordingly. (I would rather not upload them lol)

Just love being able to catch up with her from time to time. We’re friends :)